About D Solar

7+ years committed with more to come

Since 2012, D Solar (formally Diamond Solar Plus) has been committed to providing leading industry solar energy for households and businesses in Brisbane and the south east. For the past few years, we have seen immense change in the solar industry with an influx of good and disreputable operators entering the market. This has had a lasting impact on us, as it has impressed upon us the importance of not just offering great products, but ensuring our clients needs are at the heart of everything we do.

For D Solar, our aim is to last, so we use our vast experience to select industry leading products, manage the quality of our installations, and monitoring the ongoing performance of the systems we recommend and install. By going this extra step, we ensure our long term commitment to both our clients, the industry and renewable, affordable energy.

Service is the key to our success

Solar energy systems have a lifetime of around 25 years, and like any other electrical appliance they need to be looked after to ensure they last. Installing a solar system on your roof is just the first step, but how you look after your system for the next 25 years is the key to its longevity.

At D Solar, we offer our customers the ability to monitor the live status of their solar system through a WiFi inverter, ensuring if your solar system isn’t working, you’ll immediately know about it. We also provide information on estimated electricity production as a guideline for you to assess the efficiency of your system, and tips on how to clean your solar panels to keep them running at optimum capacity. Finally, we do on-site checks of the overall status of the system and its components every 5 years*, to give you an overview of the performance of your system.

These services combined with a raft of industry leading programs ensure we remain a cut above the rest and give you the confidence to choose D Solar for your solar requirements. Energy free from ‘D’ sun is just a phone call away with D Solar.


*Onsite assessment may occur a cost.

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