About Us.

We love how solar makes lives better.

Ready for a 5-star rated solar experience? Talk to the solar team that puts customers first. Every time. No exceptions.

We know that the decision to move to solar energy represents a serious investment. After all, most people want their solar system to continue to power their homes for 20 years.

This is why it’s important to choose an ethical solar retailer who is committed to the industry, will install premium components to safeguard homeowner investment, and remain in business so your warranties can be serviced.


DSolar has been installing residential and commercial solar systems since 2012. Our commitment to our customers is industry-leading. We’ll be there for you, from the moment you decide to move solar, through to your first power bill after installing solar, and far beyond. And this is just for starters.


When we say we’re committed to customers, we really mean it. Name another solar company where you can speak to the Managing Director, or who guarantees you a 5-day product replacement turnaround, or who provides you a 25-year (lifetime) warranty on workmanship.


Our team has many years of deep experience in solar technology. We know which solar brands work best in Australian conditions. You can be assured, if they’ve made our list of solar products we’re willing to install, they’ve succeeded in passing stringent product scrutiny.


Whether you’re considering solar to cut your costs, or you’re motivated to leave the planet in its best possible condition for future generations, your decision to move to solar with us will make your life better. We guarantee it.
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