Canadian Solar Panels 370W


Tier 1 Canadian solar panels are affordable solar panels that offer 12-year warranty. The Canadian solar panel is an Aussie favourite on par with Jinko and other solar rivals. Call us for a quote.

Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar Panels

About Canadian solar panel

Canadian Solar is the outcome of an engineer, Shawn Qu, pursuing his dream of providing the world with solar power. Since its humble beginnings in 2001, it has grown into a global solar powerhouse, with 17 manufacturing facilities worldwide and a significant Australian presence. Canadian panels are affordable, high performance and Tier 1, on par with the performance expected from comparable rivals, such as Jinko. While most solar panel manufacturers offer 10-year warranties, you’ll get 12 years with Canadian, a reflection of the confidence that the company has in its solar products. In 2020, Canadian solar panel CS1H-MS was awarded the top performer after passing all 4 PVEL/DNVGL tests. Call us for a quote.

Outstanding Performance

The highest efficiency panels produced by Canadian Solar are just over 20% efficient. Their higher than average efficiency can be useful when available roof space is limited. Canadian solar panels are corrosion resistant and suitable for installation anywhere in Australia.

Australian Presence

Canadian Solar have the fifth largest solar panel manufacturing capacity in the world (according to Bloomberg NEF), and have an increasing Australian presence. They have 4 warehouses across Australia and employ 50 local staff to work across solar panel sales and service and their large-scale solar farm projects. Having an Australian presence provides reassurance that warranties will be serviced.

Excellent Warranties

Solar panels come with a product and performance warranty. Canadian solar offer either 12 or 15 years a product warranty depending on the panel. The performance warranty on a solar panel covers a minimum level of output of the solar panel based around a normal degradation rate for the panel. Most solar panels guarantee a maximum degradation rate of 2.5% in the first year and 0.7% a year thereafter until the 25th year leaving a remaining output of ~80% of its nameplate value. Canadian Solar’s warranty again varies by panel but is often slightly ahead of this standard. For example the commonly used HiKu series comes with a maximum degradation guarantee of 2% in the first year and 0.6% from year 2 to year 25 leaving a end value of 84.8% of the labelled power output.

Why solar works for you

Your property value can increase

A realestate.com.au study found 85% of Australians agree solar panels add to resale & rental prices.

Save on your electricity bills

Plus, if you generate more energy than you use, you can even get paid for it.

You help reduce greenhouse gases

Your electricity comes from sunlight, not from burning harmful fossil fuel.

Brands you can trust

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Solar system finance
Solar system finance

Government Solar Incentives & Rebates

You already know that switching to solar is a great investment > it saves you money on power bills, increases the equity in your home and it’s good for the planet, keeping it clean and green for future generations of Australia. Plus, with modern solar systems powering lives for 20 years, it’s an investment that continues to offer ROI long after the system is paid off. Recognising this, the federal government encourages households to make the switch to solar via financial incentives. In addition, depending on where you live, you could be entitled to state rebates as well. We can help you determine your eligibility, so get in touch today.

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Ready to talk about investment versus ROI?

Solar systems deliver a strong ROI because, depending on your consumption patterns, they can dramatically slash your energy costs. To make it more affordable to install solar upfront, talk to us about competitive financing options that may put you in a cashflow-positive position from the start. We can calculate a payback period up to 84 months - whatever works best for you. In addition, we'll help you assess your eligibility for various government and tax incentives that make the switch more affordable.


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