27 Aug 2020

Solar Panel Aftercare in Brisbane

For solar installations in Brisbane, our job doesn’t end solely after each installation. Solar panels require continuous maintenance and aftercare. Unlike most retailers, we provide aftercare and ma...

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27 Aug 2020

What are Solar Inverters in Brisbane

 With everything out there about solar panels and solar power, you may be wondering what solar panels are! If you’re a new solar enthusiast, we’ve written a blog that talks about how solar invert...

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12 Aug 2020

How much can you save on Solar in Brisbane?

With several rebates offered to consumers in Brisbane, there are obvious benefits to adding solar panels on your roof. But how much exactly do you save on Solar in Brisbane? To understand this, it’s...

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12 Aug 2020

Why Solar Power in Brisbane

If you’ve just begun your hunt for the best solar power in Brisbane installer, you might be trying to understand why it’s so popular to get solar panels. The obvious reason is the gleaming sunshin...

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27 May 2020

How renewables could jumpstart economy, create 50,000 jobs

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton, said that A Clean Recovery is an opportunity to transform Australia forever, cementing the nation’s position as a clean energy superpower. ...

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14 May 2020

Major shopping centres to convert to green energy

Four Queensland shopping centres and one in Victoria will install solar panels across their entire roofs as part of the first phase in a new renewable energy partnership. The new partnership betwee...

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6 May 2020

A Clean Recovery – Renewables to help boost economy

The Clean Energy Council has today unveiled a plan to lead Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19 with accelerated investment in renewable energy and energy storage. ‘A...

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16 Apr 2020

2019 a record year in Australian renewable energy uptake

The Clean Energy Council’s latest report shows 2019 was a “remarkable” year for Australia’s renewable energy industry, suggesting renewables may play a crucial role in supporting the nation’...

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14 Apr 2020

Calls for a clean energy stimulus COVID-19 response package

The Clean Energy Council is lobbying governments around Australia to include renewable energy and energy storage as a key part of their COVID-19 response packages. Stating that the energy...

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6 Apr 2020

How does solar work during daytime hours?

Across Australia, solar power is becoming more commonplace, as consumers and businesses looking to make the shift to more sustainable energy solutions. From providing eco-friendly benefits to the en...

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1 Apr 2020

Is Solar The Right Choice For You?

Is solar right for me? Over 3 million Australian homeowners have made the switch to solar (CEC, 2019), but how do you know if installing solar panels is right for you? By answering a few key question...

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30 Mar 2020

Can Solar Make a Big Impact Your Carbon Footprint?

Can Solar Make a Big Impact Your Carbon Footprint? Yes, it can! Using solar power in Australia is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Most home and business owners are aware of their carbon ...

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27 Mar 2020

What makes up a Solar System?

Solar panels Solar Panels are panels that are typically placed on a household’s roof to absorb energy from the sun. The panels convert  this energy (sunlight) into Direct Current electricity (DC e...

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23 Mar 2020

CEC calls for clean energy stimulus package in the face of COVID-19

These are unusual times. Prior to the November 2019 COAG Energy Council meeting the nation’s energy ministers hadn’t been in the same room for almost a year. Now, when the Coronavirus pandemic sho...

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16 Mar 2020

Get Solar Power the Smart Way! With Solar Finance

Get Solar Power the Smart Way! With Solar Finance Every year in Australia, more commercial and residential properties are electing to switch to solar power. While you may notice more solar panels on ...

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13 Feb 2020

Rooftop solar makes flying start to 2020 with 33 per cent boost in January

There was little down-time for the rooftop solar industry this summer, with another 206MW of residential and commercial solar systems registered. In a month that is usually fairly quiet on the solar c...

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6 Feb 2020

Queensland looks to acquire $1bn in funding for renewables

Queensland has posed a question to the government, asking for $1 billion in funding to support the state’s renewable energy goals. Last week, NSW secured $2 billion to secure its grid and reduce ...

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11 Dec 2019

Australian Solar Installations Updates on Rooftop Solar

Australian Solar Installations Updates on Rooftop Solar Growth in Solar rooftop PV has gained high volumes of popularity increasing by 30% each month according to the CEC report 2019. Recently, rooft...

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17 Nov 2019

Why Now Is The Right Time To Go Solar

Why Now Is The Right Time To Go Solar When a 1.5 kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system can avoid about 2.2 tonnes of CO2 greenhouse emissions from being emitted each year, it’s clear...

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4 Sep 2019

‘Why Is Solar Energy Renewable?’

Did you know that when it comes to rooftop solar, Australia is ahead of the pack? The nation boasts of more than 2 million homes kitted with panels and by 2040, a quarter of its energy needs will b...

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