Government Solar Incentives

Make the solar
switch affordable

We can help you access Government solar incentives and rebates that make buying a solar system even more affordable.

We know that the decision to move to solar energy represents a serious investment. After all, most people want their solar system to continue to power their homes for 20 years.

Around Australia, federal and state government solar incentives and rebates are available to eligible homeowners. Ask us about your eligibility. We can help you to access these incentives to dramatically reduce the cost of your solar system.

Check below for an understanding of what is currently available.

Federal STC Solar Incentives

Federal STC solar incentives are available nationally for all eligible households. Ask us about your entitlement.

Victorian State Solar Rebates

Eligible Victorian homeowners have access to generous state rebates to encourage solar switching.

South Australia Solar Battery Rebates

Not living in Victoria or SA? Federal incentives still apply. Ask us to check your eligibility.

All Other States and Territories

Ready for solar storage? If you live in South Australia, generous solar battery rebates could be yours.

Ready to talk about investment versus ROI?

Solar systems deliver a strong ROI because, depending on your consumption patterns, they can dramatically slash your energy costs. To make it more affordable to install solar upfront, talk to us about competitive financing options that may put you in a cashflow-positive position from the start. We can calculate a payback period up to 84 months – whatever works best for you. In addition, we’ll help you assess your eligibility for various government and tax incentives that make the switch more affordable.

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