Hyundai 390W
Solar Panels

Hyundai solar panels have been installed in Australia for over 10 years. Safeguard your long-term solar investment by choosing this globally trusted South Korean brand offering a massive 25-year warranty. Call for a quote.

Hyundai 390W
Solar Panels

Hyundai solar panels have been installed in Australia for over 10 years. Safeguard your long-term solar investment by choosing this globally trusted South Korean brand offering a massive 25-year warranty. Call for a quote.

Extremely professional. Solar panels were installed within 2 weeks and the bird proofing the week after. Installers were very helpful and explained all parts of the job during installation. One on one with an installer explaining the inverter. Overall a very professional experience. Would recommend wholeheartedly.

Gary Houghton

Great company to deal with, very professional. They delivered on their promises and have given outstanding customer service. The sales consultant was fantastic and the install team did a great job as well. We have a lot of trees and always thought solar would not work for us but their advanced software pinpointed a panel layout that is working well.

Craig Hodges

Definitely an easy process! From our initial contact to the installers, the management team, and everyone involved. A truly professional outfit that really have their customers best interests at heart. The installation went smoothly, with contact from the office to check on progress. Will definitely recommend to friends and neighbours.

Michael Goodale

Five stars for DSolar who installed my solar panels. The team made the whole process very simple and pain free. Providing information originally which helped with my decision to go ahead, assistance with the finance, the installation being carried out on time, the area being left clean and tidy, instruction of the panel and app and then followup with further information and assistance, are all the reasons why I’m very happy I chose DSolar. Thank you Guys!

Eva Mercer

Our house was a challenging installation with three sets of panels and two inverters over multiple rooflines. While the installation took longer than anticipated, system was up and running quickly and is producing the daily kW power as per the quote. There were no additional charges associated with the complexity of our installation. The after sales service has certainly exceeded our expectations and given our experience, we would certainly recommend D Solar.

Trevor Gibson

DSolar Thank you. From the 1st contact with DSolar their communication has been excellent. Ash arrived on time, was very informative, without the overbearing sales attitude. What impressed me was when requested, he sent extra info and made changes to my requests promptly. I felt I was being well looked after. The panels are up with the guys on time, efficient and happy to answer and help with my Questions. Thank you Dsolar, good to deal with company that has it together.

Bob Grant

Great customer service, really listens to the customer and resolves any problems promptly, very professional. Highly recommend them if you are thinking of getting solar – talk to these guys they will help you out to get the best plan you can. A+

Wendy Wright

DSolar were prompt with their service. Provided good equipment and were the best price. The latest bill after the DSolar system was fitted is $220 so a saving of around $1300 per quarter. We think we can achieve credits in summer with this system. I wish we did this years ago. Good luck with your install

Rod Price

They did a good job installing the system and no problems. Excellent value for money. Am saving a lot on my power bill now.

Bob Oz

Installed our solar system recently, competitive price and great services! 5 of 5.

Richard Chaseling

The DSolar team did an amazing job at my house. What a wonderful experience with DSolar starting from thew consulting stage right to the full installation. Owen and his team have been so helpful and professional. A local trusted business I highly recommend!

Bo Wang

Excellent work, highly recommended!

Chris Yang

About Hyundai Solar Panels

Hyundai solar panels have been installed in Australia for over 10 years. They are corrosion-resistant and have passed the UL safety and VDE quality tested. TUV have certified them as IEC 61215-2 and IEC 61730-2 compliant. Safeguard your long-term solar investment by choosing this globally trusted South Korean brand. Hyundai solar panels are reliable performers, with industry-leading warranties, backed by a brand name you can trust. If you’re looking for a solar panel that incorporates the latest technology, a high power output, excellent efficiency, and is CEC Approved from a Tier 1 Manufacturer, consider Hyundai solar panels. Call for a quote.

Excellent Efficiency

We call the percentage of energy that your solar panels absorb from the sun and turn into usable electricity, its efficiency. The industry average range sits between 15%-20%, Hyundai sits at the upper end, usually 18%-19%. We know this as high efficiency. Beyond this, Hyundai solar panels are designed to avoid light-induced degradation and potential induced degradation (PID). This is a design feature that ensures your Hyundai solar panels remain at peak performance throughout their lifetime.

Temperature Coefficient

Solar panel performance is a key factor that lead to reducing the cost of your power bills. We use a measure called the temperature coefficient to determine by how much the performance of the panels decreases by each increasing degree in temperature. Most solar panels are built to withstand extreme heat and weather conditions. Solar panels are tested and meant to handle 25 degrees Celsius, or 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The average range is between .3% and .5%, with Hyundai solar panels having a temperature coefficient of .41%-.45%, in the middle part of the range. When is comes to Hyundai solar panels, you can relax about decreased performance on hot days.

A Trusted Global Brand

Hyundai solar panels come with a massive 25-year warranty. (Please download the datasheet below for more information.) Solar panel warranties, though, are really as good as the names that stand behind them – and there aren’t many names that are bigger than Hyundai. Since 2005, Hyundai has manufactured solar panels for homes from its South Korean manufacturing facilities. It has a long track record of delivering reliable, salt, mist and corrosion-resistant, high efficiency solar panels that are ideal for Australian conditions, even really hot days. Plus, you get the added security of knowing that this brand stands behind its products, 100%.

Why solar works for you

Your property value can increase

A study found 85% of Australians agree solar panels add to resale & rental prices.

Save on your electricity bills

Plus, if you generate more energy than you use, you can even get paid for it.

You help reduce greenhouse gases

Your electricity comes from sunlight, not from burning harmful fossil fuel.

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Government Solar Incentives & Rebates

You already know that switching to solar is a great investment > it saves you money on power bills, increases the equity in your home and it’s good for the planet, keeping it clean and green for future generations of Australia. Plus, with modern solar systems powering lives for 20 years, it’s an investment that continues to offer ROI long after the system is paid off. Recognising this, the federal government encourages households to make the switch to solar via financial incentives. In addition, depending on where you live, you could be entitled to state rebates as well. We can help you determine your eligibility, so get in touch today.

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Ready to talk about investment versus ROI?

Solar systems deliver a strong ROI because, depending on your consumption patterns, they can dramatically slash your energy costs. To make it more affordable to install solar upfront, talk to us about competitive financing options that may put you in a cashflow-positive position from the start. We can calculate a payback period up to 84 months - whatever works best for you. In addition, we'll help you assess your eligibility for various government and tax incentives that make the switch more affordable.


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