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The Queensland Battery Booster Rebate Explained - A Quick Introduction

A quick summary:
– Up to $4,000
– 2,000 rebates available
– Minimum 5kW solar system required
– Minimum 6kW battery capacity capacity
– Must used approved batteries and installers
– Combined household income below $180,000


The Queensland Battery Booster Rebate offers up to $4,000 towards the cost of purchasing and installing an approved solar battery from an approved installer.

This is a new scheme launched by the Queensland Government to help households install a home battery system to store their excess solar energy.

There are a limited number of rebates available, so you need to apply for conditional approval before getting a quote and installing your battery system.

The rebate amount also depends on your household income and the battery capacity.

So if you’re looking for a way to save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, there’s never been a better time for Queenslanders to take the leap to solar batteries.

Batteries We Offer

We know that installing a battery can be an expensive investment. This is why we only install premium, trusted brands.

Having a good quality battery means you’re as independent of the grid as possible, enjoying both the economic and environmental benefits that go hand-in-hand with your decision.

We want our customers to love their DSolar systems – and we achieve it by stocking quality, high-performance products that are well-suited to the needs of Australian households.

Tesla Powerwall

Pros: High-Performance, High-Reliability, High-Intelligence, High-Compatibility

About: The Tesla Powerwall delivers high reliability and efficiency with its advanced battery technology and system controller.

Its seamless backup transition and scalable design allow you to power your home and electric vehicle with stored energy and automatically recharge with sunlight.

Its robust BMS provides multi-protection at both cell level and system level.


Pros: Outstanding Quality, Aussie-Weather Tested, Excellent Storage

About: Popular solar inverter brand, Sungrow, manufactures solar batteries that are compatible with its inverters and feature prismatic cells from Samsung.

Sungrow solar batteries deliver high reliability and safety with prismatic cells from Samsung. Its cutting-edge bidirectional active cell balancing prolongs the battery lifetime effectively while robust BMS provides multi-protection at both cell level and system level.

This unit delivers over 95% depth of discharge to maximise the usable capacity.

Ready To Talk?

Solar Batteries deliver a strong Return On Investment (ROI) because, depending on your consumption patterns, they can dramatically slash your energy costs.

To make it more affordable to install a solar battery upfront, talk to us about competitive financing options that may put you in a cashflow-positive position from the start.

We can calculate a payback period up to 84 months – whatever works best for you. In addition, we’ll help you assess your eligibility for various government and tax incentives that make the switch more affordable.

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