Refer Your Friends.
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How Refer A Friend Works.

We’re making it super-easy to earn some serious solar cash. If you know others who should install solar, send them to us. Under our refer-a-friend program, if your friends or family buy from us, and you’ve referred them to us, you’ll be rewarded. So, why wait? Start rewarding yourself today.

Complete the form below. You’ll need to give us your details, plus add the details of the people you’re referring.

For each person you refer that buys a solar system from us, we’ll pay you $100.

If 3 of your referrals buy a solar system from us, within 2 months, we’ll add a $200 bonus and pay you a whopping $500. It’s that simple!

We don’t believe in limits.

We think that there should be no limits to the solar rewards you can earn. So, for every 3 successful referrals you bring us within a 2-month period, we’ll pay you a $200 bonus.

It’s so simple. The more people you successfully refer, the more you can earn. And there are no limits.

Now’s the time to call up your friends, neighbours, even visit your local footy team.

For homeowners everywhere, solar is a great way of cutting energy costs and protecting our planet for future generations.

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Program Terms:

  1. A successful referral means the household you referred buys a solar system from DSolar and we’ve received payment for it.
  2. If the same household is successfully referred by more than one person, we will pay the reward to the referrer who was first to submit their details to us.
  3. Refer 3 households within 2 months and we’ll give you a $200 bonus, in addition to $100 reward for each successful referral. That’s $500 in total. Your 2 month period starts from the date you submit their details to us.
  4. Rewards are GST-inclusive.
  5. We reserve the right to change this program at any point.
  6. More questions? Call the team on 1300 989 811.