Solar System Battery Storage.

Have solar power 24/7 even when the sun doesn’t shine.

We’re a different kind of solar company

When you buy high-performance solar storage, you can do the things you want, whenever you want, powered with sustainable energy. Even if the sun isn’t shining.

Installing the latest-generation, high performance solar storage from DSolar will future-proof your home. With our battery installed, charge your electric vehicle while you’re also ready to participate in emerging decentralised virtual power plant networks.

A solar battery is a powerful idea.

To fully power your life using solar, you’ll need a solar battery as part of your system configuration.

And, the more time you spend at home, the more your battery will help offset climbing coal-fired power bills.

Having a good quality battery means you’re as independent of the grid as possible, enjoying both the economic and environmental benefits that go hand-in-hand with your decision.

When it comes to the brands we trust, we turn to LG Chem Resu solar batteries. Why? We know that installing a battery can be an expensive investment. This is why we only install premium, trusted brands. We want our customers to love their DSolar systems – and we achieve it by stocking quality, high-performance products that are well-suited to the needs of Australian households.

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Ready to talk about investment versus ROI?

Solar systems deliver a strong ROI because, depending on your consumption patterns, they can dramatically slash your energy costs. To make it more affordable to install solar upfront, talk to us about competitive financing options that may put you in a cashflow-positive position from the start. We can calculate a payback period up to 84 months – whatever works best for you. In addition, we’ll help you assess your eligibility for various government and tax incentives that make the switch more affordable.

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