Solar Battery

Benefits of solar batteries

Solar battery systems can maximise the value of your solar system by storing excess solar energy generated during the day, and using it at night instead of grid power. Depending on the system size, this could cut your dependence on grid power to almost nothing. For solar systems that generate more electricity than the battery can store, that excess is exported to the grid where you could get a credit on your electricity bill for the amount exported.

If you want to be grid-free or would like to enhance your green credentials, a solar battery installed by D Solar can give you energy freedom. We recommend two solar battery options available: the Tesla Powerwall and the LG Chem Resu.

Why choose us

  • Quality Products

    As a leading installer we commit a good portion of our time to researching the most recent products to market, ensuring you get access to the best of the latest solar technology. You can be assured we will only install products that meet our high standards and long usage expectations.

  • Qualified Installers

    Our installers are all qualified to install solar systems of all sizes from small domestic units to large commercial applications. They are constantly trained to maintain high levels of knowledge and practical competence even with products new to the market.

  • Competitive Prices

    We understand the financial pressures on today's households and businesses alike. As such we take the added responsibility of delivering great products and expert installations at industry competitive prices seriously. We're here to help you into the sustainable energy world and that help starts with a great price.